Good Gallery - Mibalafoto

CHRIS AND DELYS GOOD. Chris came to Fitzroy in 1964.  Delys began her work at Fitzroy Crossing in 1966 for six months, then moved to UAM Derby for a year. She then returned to Fitzroy in late 1967 and worked in the office and with the hostels. Delys and Chris were married in Dec 1968 and returned to Fitzroy. They were responsible for the girls hostel and Chris was responsible for the lighting plant, the maintenance of vehicles and office work. Anne was born in 1969 and Daren in 1971, so Delys was also busy with their care. Chris became superintendent in early 1975. They left in December that year to continue work in Perth where they had teenagers from the Kimberley living with them for education. They continued to support and pray for Fitzroy people long after they left.

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