Nash Gallery - Mibalafoto

ROY AND MELVILE NASH.  Roy and Mel Married in 1945, and went to work at the UAM Warburton mission, then after six years, they moved to Sunday Island. In 1954 they were transferred to Fitzroy Crossing to take over as Superintendent from Preston and Kathleen Walker for a year. This meant managing all areas of mission life, overseeing the hostels for the children, devotion times, services, making sure the store stocked and functioning, making sure the vegetable Garden, Goats, Fowls, Bakery were running well. Also reporting to Native Welfare of all ingoing and outgoing activity of the mission. Mel cared for their children Lionel, Pam and Graham. Roy and Mel left in June 1955.

ED AND EDNA NASH Ed and Edna Nash came to Fitzroy mission in 1953. Edna helped with the girls in the girls hostel and cooked for all the children. Ed was involved in Gospel recording, recording the Bible in oral translation by a native speaker and producing records to be played on a gramophone around the Kimberley. Because of this Ed traveled significantly with Gospel recordings, Edna left in 1954 to join Ed at Sunday Island.

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