P&V Faulkner Gallery - Mibalafoto

PETER AND VAL FAULKNER. Peter is the 3rd child of Ern and Alice Faulkner. He was 11 when they moved to Fitzroy. He then won a scholarship and went to Geraldton for 5 years high school and to Perth for 2 years Teachers College. He then taught at Whyndam for 3 years. In 1967 after marrying Val in 1966 Peter was appointed as a teacher at Fitzroy and they lived on the mission. Peter and Val also taught adult education classes in Fitzroy, a few of these classes were cooking, dressmaking, health and childcare, English, mechanics and brickmaking. The bricks were made by the men and used to build the church that replaced the bough shade church. Peter and Val left Fitzroy at the end of 1967. 

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