Rowley Gallery - Mibalafoto

NELSON AND MELVINA ROWLEY.  Melvina Langley arrived in Fitzroy Crossing mission IN 1955. Melvina had previously spent 5 years on Sunday Island as a teacher. After the education Department took over the school Melvina was asked to go to Fitzroy. Melvina was put in charge of the girls hostel. Three weeks later Nelson Rowley came and was put in charge of the boys hostel. Roy and Mel Nash left in June 1955, Bruce Smoker was acting superintendent. A few weeks later the Government mission station Moola Bulla was sold to a private owner who gave the former residents of Moola Bulla 24 hours to leave. A Native Welfare officer informed Bruce that those who had not found work would be coming to Fitzroy mission. Over a hundred and fifty people arrived in days. The 4 mission workers were totally undersupplied with resources to house, feed and care for the recent refugees but they continued to try to meet the need. Melvina and Nelson were married in 1956. They continued with their duties and Melvina began to work on translation of Walmajarri, Nelson was a handy man. In 1959 they relived the Smokers in Halls Creek then returned to Fitzroy again for 2 years. They moved to UAM Derby in 1962

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