Walker Collection - Mibalafoto

Preston and Kath Walker were seconded from the UAM (United Aborigines Mission) to the Dept of Native Affairs of WA in 1951 by Commissioner SG Middleton. The Walker family moved to Fitzroy Crossing from Derby for Preston to take over from the distribution of rations and continue setting up a centre for Aboriginal people in that region. Initially they were the only missionaries. From 1951-1954 Preston Walker was the Superintendent of the Fitzroy Crossing UAM mission. During this time a water supply was established using a tank and bore. Initially Nissan huts were set up by government for houses and school/church were built using material donated by US Government from a WW2 US radar hut on Champagny Island. Their superintendent's home was built by Ern Faulkner and Preston Walker. The Walkers established a settlement for Aboriginal people, a meat house built of bush timber and Spinifex, depot store, a simple church/school, dormitory (boarding hostel) and a vegetable garden and a small herd of goats and chickens. Preston also held church services, performed weddings and funerals. They also were responsible for regular reports to the Dept of Native Affairs. Kathleen cared for their three children in Rhys, Phillip, and Kathryn, and home schooled Rhys. Preston returned several times to the Kimberley to visit people.

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